Indian Cook Visa Requirement & Process in Germany

If you are an Indian citizen and wish to work as an Indian cook in Germany, you will need to obtain a visa that allows you to work in Germany. Here are the general requirements for obtaining a work visa for Germany:You must have a job offer from a German employer who will sponsor your work visa. Our Company is Brand of Innovative Rainbow Creation pvt ltd

You must have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job.

You must have a valid passport and meet other eligibility criteria, such as having no criminal record.

Your employer must obtain a work permit for you from the German authorities. The form is called ZAV a Six Page form duly stamped and sign by Employer

You must pass ICA Exam from Delhi (Cooking Test)

Lawyer verification by appropiate agency of German Consulate.

To apply for a work visa for Germany, you will need to submit an application to the German embassy or consulate in your home country. The application process may include an interview and medical exam, and can take several weeks to process. It’s always a good idea to check the latest visa requirements and application procedures with the German embassy or consulate in your home country before you begin the application process.




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